Success Stories

Our experience and expertise have led us to achieve several notable milestones in the fields of software development and staffing. Are you ready to discover how we have transformed the technological presence of our clients?


Bupa was in search of a distinctive web tool to facilitate insurance quotes across multiple regions.


Positiva was looking for a tool for affiliated companies to the ARL to track SG-SST.


Previsora was experiencing difficulties in identifying bidding processes on platforms with a high volume of information.

Other of our Success Stories

The client faced a challenge with outdated information regarding government entities and their employees. In response, ADA developed a crucial tool for both public administration and citizens, enabling the consolidation, management, and processing of institutional information such as entity types, sectors, staffing structures, job positions, and salaries on both national and territorial levels. The result was a centralized and continuously updated online repository of detailed information on government entities and public employee profiles.

The client frequently changed their ERP system, which caused disruptions in administrative processes each time there was a change in management. To address this, ADA implemented a comprehensive ERP system that managed the entity's finances, assets, human resources, and tax collection. This solution resulted in standardized and reliable administrative processes for the entity and supported the municipality's growth, significantly increasing its revenue over the years.

  • Colombia, USA, and Ecuador

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