We developed a web and mobile tool.

Positiva is an insurance company that aims to guide people to protect their present and future; we strive to do our best for each of our affiliates.

About the client







The project objective

The objective of the project was to implement a tool that would allow companies affiliated with the ARL to track the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SG-SST), as they previously did not have these tools.

The project solution and outcome

The ADA solution materialized through the web and mobile tool Alissta, which includes facial recognition for entrance authorization, in order to manage the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SG-SST) in compliance with the regulations of Decree 1072 of 2015. Since 2017, we have provided first-level help desk services, technical support for the application, web hosting, and continuous development. As a result, our client experienced a notable success story, leading them to receive the High Management Award granted by the Administrative Department of Public Function, thus consolidating our brand as a leader in innovative and effective technological solutions.

Awards and recognitions

Portfolio Award 2020 in the Customer Service category, Honorable Mention in the National Category for Innovation and Infrastructure Industry in 2018.

More than 280,000 active users in 2023.

Hosting availability of 99.7%.

At ADA, we provide technological solutions to companies.

We specialize in providing companies with personalized and efficient technological solutions. Our focus is on understanding the specific needs of each client and developing innovative solutions that drive their growth and success in the digital world.
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At ADA, we provide technological solutions to companies.