multipurpose cadastre

Mobilizing system that strengthens the formulation and implementation of public policies with truthful, updated and precise information on the territory.

What do we offer

We offer territorial entities specialized software services, to contribute to the improvement of the income of the territorial entity, by improving their processes with respect to: Property management, industry and commerce, multipurpose Cadastre, and other municipal taxes, and/or departmental.


Ease of procedures and response times Comprehensive access to property information Self-management Strengthening and legal protection of property Greater transparency Improves levels of trust and perception of citizens
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Increase in departmental income generated in the registration tax based on benefits for municipalities, real appraisals and market value. Territorial strengthening in terms of planning, management and focusing on the application of public policies. Greater social and community impact through the formalization and titling of land. Elimination of intermediation helping the application of good practices Compliance in the Online Government policy.
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