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Our solutions are based on innovation and digital transformation

We are tactical in Technological Solutions

At ADA SAS, we are inspired by the desire to generate employment, develop new technologies, and enrich knowledge, thus occupying the top positions in innovation, creativity, and efficiency.

Structure and Operational Capacity

We have significantly invested in enhancing our infrastructure and training, equipping our team with advanced tools to develop premium products. Our dedicated R&D unit, focused on pioneering technologies, has established us as the only technology firm in Colombia with proprietary patents.

33 Years Experience

We oversee the comprehensive flow of designing, constructing, and evolving software solutions that enhance our clients' operational efficiency. With a track record spanning over 33 years, we have been consistently delivering technological solutions.

CMMI Level 5 and ISO 27001 Certified

We proudly hold both CMMI Level 5 and ISO 27001 certifications, reflecting our commitment to top-tier software development and information security standards.

Our services

We provide two main services: Software Factory and Staff Augmentation. Our Software Factory crafts customized software solutions from inception to deployment, ensuring quality and innovation every step of the way. With Staff Augmentation, we supply skilled professionals to bolster your team's capabilities and expedite project completion, whether for short-term projects or ongoing support.

Software Factory

We excel in crafting tailored digital solutions for various sectors, meticulously designed to meet specific needs. Collaborating closely with clients, we ensure a seamless customer journey through integrated touchpoints. Our products adhere to international standards, embodying best practices for technical excellence and regulatory compliance. Beyond functionality, our solutions boast visually appealing designs that align with the industry's high standards.
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Staff Augmentation

Our specialized Headhunting team in Latin America excels at sourcing elite IT professionals tailored for various sectors. We provide holistic support, aiding clients in both technical and personal selection processes. Moreover, we excel in crafting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that align with industry standards and objectives. With regular technical follow-up sessions, we guarantee that our augmented staff consistently surpass expectations across various industry domains.
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Success Stories

Our experience and expertise have led us to achieve several notable milestones in the fields of software development and staffing. Are you ready to discover how we have transformed the technological presence of our clients?

The client faced a challenge with outdated information regarding government entities and their employees. In response, ADA developed a crucial tool for both public administration and citizens, enabling the consolidation, management, and processing of institutional information such as entity types, sectors, staffing structures, job positions, and salaries on both national and territorial levels. The result was a centralized and continuously updated online repository of detailed information on government entities and public employee profiles.

The client frequently changed their ERP system, which caused disruptions in administrative processes each time there was a change in management. To address this, ADA implemented a comprehensive ERP system that managed the entity's finances, assets, human resources, and tax collection. This solution resulted in standardized and reliable administrative processes for the entity and supported the municipality's growth, significantly increasing its revenue over the years.

Our solutions are based on innovation and digital transformation.

Added Value

Management Tool
We have a tool that allows us to monitor incidents and the development and support process of our clients in real time.
Documentary repository
Tool to work remotely and automate document processes internally and externally. This allows keeping the storage structure of the projects, information safe, organized and shared with the indicated people according to the process.
Our culture of constant training encourages us to create live workshops, via online where we share knowledge or present news about the company, technologies used and our products.

Blogs & articles

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At ADA, we provide technological solutions to companies.

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