Hosting and virtual servers

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Store your heaviest files and documents in our host in order to not saturate your equipment and avoid purchasing equipment and slowing down your systems

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Lower costs

Turn capital expenses into controllable operating expenses. Personnel expenses are reduced because administrative operations are simplified, as are energy and occupied area expenses

IT Focus

Dedication of the IT department on the creation and administration of applications that add value to the business


Greater capacity to offer technological resources to the user by the provider. Faster and with less risk implementation


Cloud systems control and optimize the use of resources automatically, this feature allows monitoring, control and notification of the same


More secure systems, we can dedicate resources to the solution of Single Sign Onaccess security problems with double factor authentication


We have our own host, with all the confidence in terms of security, integrity and reliability. Our Data Center offers the capacity to host and virtualize the infrastructure with high availability to the extent that it has all the basic redundant equipment, such as: Double air conditioning, double power supply, double UPS and raised floors (false floor). Each virtual Data Center is independent from the rest where we provide maximum guarantees of security, availability and flexibility. 


Rental of physical space within the Data Center for our clients to install their own server or servers to which ADA will supply energy (protected by UPS and power plant), internet access (redundant channels), adequate cooling and security of the information.

Cloud Server

Cloud Computing technology imposes a new paradigm focused on providing virtualized resources, allowing you total independence from any physical infrastructure, providing a dynamic, scalable and highly available environment for the operation of your project.

The cloud server is similar to the dedicated server except that it is running in the cloud, this means that the resources such as RAM memory, CPU processing, connectivity and disk storage used by each server are supplied by the cloud.

Cloud- Hosting

The security of a website or a solution hosted in the “cloud” (cloud) is guaranteed by numerous servers instead of just one. It removes any physical limitations for real-time growth and makes the solution very flexible. Allows the execution of business applications (ERP, CRM) and web applications

Cloud Backup

We know that every company or organization handles an amount of important data necessary for its operation and decision making. The loss of that information would cause chaos that could even result in its closure. That is why it is so important to generate a reliable and efficient backup policy.