Founded in 1991 in Medellín Colombia.

We are a company with over 30 years of experience. Leading software and IT services.


The name ADA comes from Ada Lovelace, (Ada Augusta Byron King, 1815-1852, London, UK), who described Charles Babbage’s analytical machine and is considered the first programmer.
This woman and her vision inspired Cesar Echeverri, to name the company in Medellin, Colombia on June 12, 1991, thinking about building his own business, the goal of making it big, the wish to generate employment, development new technologies and accumulate knowledge. With a vision that, like his inspirer, would lead him to occupy the first places in innovation, creativity and efficiency in Colombia.

ADA timeline


In its early years, ADA focused on the business of assembling, selling, maintaining and supporting computers, becoming one of the first companies in this field in the city of Medellin. At this stage, the software division focused on products was also born. MRP II, and custom software development, with information systems development contracts.


ADA logra la adjudicación del contrato para el desarrollo de algunos módulos financieros para el Municipio de Medellín, contrato que da inicio a SICOF ERP.


ADA is awarded the contract for the development of some financial modules for the Municipality of Medellin, a contract that initiates SICOF ERP.


ADA successfully ventures into important Outsourcing businesses in the city of Medellin. At this stage, ADA concentrates 100% on providing professional services, leaving the infrastructure sales business, which was beginning to be dominated by manufacturers and wholesalers.


En el 2001 ADA es una de las primeras empresas de tecnología del País en lograr certificación de sus sistemas de calidad en ISO9000.


In 2001 ADA is one of the first technology companies in the country to achieve ISO9000 certification of its quality systems.


ADA begins operations in the city of Bogotá, this stage, called by the partners as the Evolution Stage, allows ADA to develop important IT Outsourcing, Process Outsourcing, Software Development projects, together with the evolution of SICOF ERP, achieving a comprehensive e-government management offer.


ADA adquiere, sus propias oficinas en Medellín e implementa un Datacenter, desde donde lanza su Propuesta de; SaaS y ASP de SICOF ERP.


ADA acquires its own offices in Medellin and implements a Datacenter, from where it launches its Proposal of; SaaS and ASP of SICOF ERP.


In 2010, it appears in the ranking of companies, as one of the 10 largest companies in Antioquia in Information Technology, and it appears as one of the 100 Colombian Companies in the sale of IT services.


ADA es galardonada por el Ministerio de Comercio Exterior, La Superintendencia de Sociedades y Portafolio como la empresa más dinámica en el sector de IT en Colombia por su crecimiento en ventas, en este reconocimiento participan más de 27000 empresas colombianas agrupadas en 11 segmentos de industria.


ADA is awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the Superintendency of Companies and Portfolio as the most dynamic company in the IT sector in Colombia for its growth in sales, more than 27,000 Colombian companies grouped in 11 industry segments participate in this recognition.


ADA S.A. as a dynamic winner of the ecosystem in the “Private Organization” modality.


ADA es certificado con grado de madurez CMMI 3.


ADA is certified with a CMMI 3 maturity level.