Help desk service and office, virtual and telephone support

Human Talent specialized in IT, for help desks and office automation support. We have extensive experience working in public and private entities throughout Colombia

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What does the Help Desk solve?

Massive problems related to applications

Attention to a request or incident

Registration tracking and contractor supports

Who do we reach?

To private and/or public companies that need to serve and support their employees (users of information systems, who have computer equipment) and that need to work on these computers to fulfill their work obligations, outside of office or telecommuting. Clients with national and international coverage, with working hours, distributed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Types of service

Support request

Reception of application and registration

Analysis of the request

Identification and investigation of the theme

Response review

Verification, adjustment of applications maintenance on site

Levels of attention and escalation

First level support

Telephone reception, via email, chat, or tickets registered in the ITSM tool, after which they will be registered in the ITSM tool, classification according to catalog, diagnosis and assignment of infrastructure or application problems to differentiate cases and escalation respective.

Second level escalation

The second level support is attended by engineers specialized in infrastructure problems or applications of the entity